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My Approach

Going to court is almost like going to war--both sides usually lose. Most costly disputes can be prevented through the creation of systems that align incentives with desired behaviors. Integrated conflict management systems are able to reduce employee turnover, improve the client or patient experience, and ensure a pleasant working environment for all. When disputes arise, the application of appropriate interventions can significantly reduce the costs for all parties while enhancing or preserving any desired relationships.


In many cases it helps to call in an outside, neutral expert to facilitate the prevention and resolution of conflicts. Conflict is a normal part of life, but litigation is not. Act early to reap the greatest benefits of conflict resolution techniques and processes.

My Approach
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Mediation Services

Dr. Raines has mediated more than 17,000 court-connected and private disputes including: employment, environmental, divorce, custody, child support, marital mediation, special education mediation, accident-injury, & more

Business Consulting

Conflict comes from unmet expectations. Dr. Raines works with organizational insiders to diagnose and treat the causes of unproductive conflict, thereby improving mission achievement.

Performance coaching, Needs Assessments, Training, Dispute Systems Design, Strategic Planning, Interpersonal Dispute Resolution, Teambuilding.

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ADR Training

Dr. Raines offers training in mediation as well as other forms of dispute resolution. She trains civil and domestic relations mediators, offers continuing legal education, and conflict management training nationwide. 

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